Managing the complexity of sheep farming


Running a farm today is a complex job. There’s a wide range of diseases that can reduce the productivity of sheep throughout the year. Even a small decrease in productivity can have a huge impact on the success of a sheep farm. With many things that need to be managed at once on a sheep property even the most organised farmer can forget important timing and dates for vaccinations, sale times and other sheep husbandry activities.

To help farmers manage the complexity of sheep farming, Zoetis created the sheep planning app. The app not only includes information on the most common sheep diseases, it also features an advanced farm planner. The farm planner is a first for sheep farming in Australia. Zoetis reps can use the planner to help farmers manage every aspect of their operation, including vaccination scheduling, sale times, shearing, crutching and much more. The app doesn’t just help farmers. It also builds a solid database for Zoetis, which can be used to increase sales and improve future products and services.

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