Farmers risking their health

ULTRAVAC 7 IN 1 / Zoetis

Zoetis had a relatively flat year-on-year sales of Ultravac 7in1 vaccine for leptospirosis so wanted to stimulate the beef cattle market. The Healthy Thinking Group, through its Mind & Mood process, discovered the insight that when human health is at risk farmers sat up and listened. Leptospirosis can affect humans and make them extremely sick, and farmers have died of it. The Healthy Thinking Group launched an emotive and integrated campaign around human health featuring TV, print, online and direct mail, coupled with extensive PR activity. The simple message was that “Ultravac 7in1 protects more than just cattle”. The campaign had amazing results where independent post campaign research confirmed that Ultravac 7in1 had been elevated to number one in terms of vaccine spontaneous awareness and sales increased by 30% from previous year, with a 59% increase in the month of the TVC release compared to a negative growth figure in the same month of the previous year.

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